I’m a 33-year old athlete and fitness addict.   I like to help others achieve their fitness goals, whatever they may be.

I love working out and feeding my body delicious and nutritious foods to enhance my athletic performance! I also have a sweet tooth so I recently got into baking.

I am a marathon swimmer, ice swimmer, rock climber and ninja-in training.

A marathon swim is defined by FINA as any swim over 6.2 miles (10K).  I have to date swam the following official marathon swims:

  • Boston Light Swim, 8 miles, July 2014
  • Anacapa Island to Oxnard channel swim, 12.4 miles, July 2014
  • Newport, Vermont to Canada and back, aka Border Buster at Lake Memphremagog, 15 miles, July 2015
  • Double Boston Light Swim, 16 miles, August 2015
  • First recorded person to swim from Nantasket to Nahant and back, 18 miles, September 2015
  • Boston Light swim, 8 miles, August 2016

Ice Swimming has a lot of definitions of what it is, but these are the official competitions I have done:

  • Ice mile: 1 mile in 41 degree F (5 C) in 33 minutes, December 2014
  • British 1K Ice Swimming Championships at Chill Swim in UK: 1K at 6 C, February 2014
  • Chill Swim in UK: various events from 25m to 450m at 6 C, February 2014
  • Memphremagog Winter Swims in Newport, Vermont: various events from 25m to 100m at 30 F, March 2015 and 2016
  • USA Winter Swim Championships in New York: various events from 25m to 200m at 38 F, March 2016
  • Murmansk Mile, Russia, 1200m swim in 8-10 C, September 2016

Rock Climbing

I started rock climbing November 2015 without any prior experience.  One year later, I climbed my first v8 indoors.  I have no other V8 since hahaha.


Who DOESN’T want to be on American Ninja Warrior?