Sweetest Send: Overlooked

Overlooked is a classic bouldering problem in New England.  It’s so classic because in one problem you have a bat hang, toe/heel cams, crimp, knee bar and with a top out overlooking the gorgeous water.  It’s really such a unique and cool problem…they call it the best V4 in New England for a reason!

It’s super technical which is why it’s so amazing.  You can have all the strength in the world but the technique is what makes the climb so special.  Getting the right beta is key to not getting pumped out in the beginning.  Even getting your core strong so you can do the bat hang off the bat is important.  I truly believe this climb is also a demonstration of fitness and technique.

But for me, it was mental.  I knew I had the physical strength and finally got the beta down, but the MENTAL aspect was the hardest part to overcome for me.  The move getting over the lip had my body basically in a flat on my back position and the knee bar feels so high it feels scary.  It is scary unless you do it.

But once you get the movement, it all makes sense.   It’s such a sweet, sweet, sweet send!




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