Course testing for American Ninja Warrior

I just got back from a 4 day trip to California and it was INCREDIBLE!

I flew to San Francisco first to participate in National Ninja League (NNL) Finals since I qualified from TA’s ninja comp a month ago.  I only qualified because I was a woman and everyone else competing already qualified, so it was by default, not by skill.  But I will use any excuse to go to San Francisco! My best friend lives there so it was a great reason to see her and eat RAMEN ALL THE TIME.

My rule is: No food restrictions when I am on vacation!

I enjoyed my 9 second of glory at NNL.  The reason I got called OUT was because my foot grazed the black pad apparently and you aren’t suppose to touch any part of the black pad.  I didn’t even feel it and it’s hard to tell! But oh well, gotta work on those rope swings better.

But really, the best part of my trip was being on the LA set of AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR!! For me, it was a dream come true to just be ON THE set.

I was lucky enough to be a course tester.  Basically they need people to test the course before the taping of the show so they can make adjustments as needed.  I know they were definitely making it harder as more and more people was able to complete certain obstacles.

I tested a couple obstacles, including the quad steps, warped wall and a balance obstacle.  I fell on all of them, of course! I have never been able to successfully do ANY obstacle, training or comp, on the first try.   I have to remind myself I’ve been a ninja for 3 months! And honestly, I’ve been training only like 2 hours a week (until the last month when I realized I was going to nationals) so I’m pretty terrible.  I’m still learning how to navigate all of this!

BUT it was super cool to try the REAL obstacles on the show and fall in the water.

I also got to meet my Ninja Idol, Jessie Graff! I spoke to her about our love of Yup Bars (because I saw them on her instagram and promptly became an addict myself) and she was very nice.  I also met Kacy Catanzaro!

I watched the taping of the show, which was SUPER cool! I know some people spent YEARS trying to get on the show so it was impressive to see people getting their shot at the course.  I don’t know what will happen for me next year; I need to get more comfortable on obstacles and be able to flash them.   But I am so glad I got to be there! What a cool experience!



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