My second Ninja Comp at Laid Back Fitness

My second Ninja Comp was at Laid Back Fitness in Warwick, Rhode Island 10 days ago.  I had a blast.  The obstacles were cool, even though I fell off on the second one! But so did half the people (I was 12th out of 24th overall) so clearly the second obstacle was hard.

You can see the video below how I struggled with getting to the peg from the swing. The actual ring did something funky- when you try to get your body to swing one way, the ring did a 180 and turned you into another direction, so I could not for the life of me figure out how to swing in the right direction.  Clearly.  HA!

It was a lot of fun and Jenny and Lucas were so helpful in trying to coach me throughout the comp! They are such great people.

Somehow after this terrible performance I still qualified for Regionals for UNAA – there are two ninja leagues, one called UNAA and one called NNL- and so I guess I’m training for regionals in June!

But I’m heading to NNL Nationals this weekend so God help me! HAHA. I am seriously the worst ninja right now ever!



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