My first Ninja Warrior competition

I participated in my first ninja warrior competition this Saturday.  It was a lot of fun and kinda a life changing experience in the sense that I can’t believe I was doing it.  I remember not too long ago when I saw the show, I really thought these people were superheroes.  I remember being completely blown away at what I thought was humanly impossible.  So to even compete in a local comp was pretty cool!

I didn’t think I did well or anything but as my first comp, I was just happy I didn’t fall off on the first obstacle.

I really need to work on the cannonballs! I just can’t ever seem to hold onto them well at ninja practice so of course I fell at the comp.  I only made it through once at practice but also I did not do them immediately after doing pegboards, so I was a little pumped.

I was worried it was going to be nerve-wrecking having 60 spectators watch you and only you- but actually, I was very good at being laser focused once I started.  I really just blocked everything out and kept saying “YOU GOT THIS” over and over again in my head.  It helped! When I fell, I didn’t even see it coming- the next thing I knew I found myself on the ground!

Also, I qualify for nationals by just showing up since all the women there had qualified already.  There’s just not a lot of women doing this, so it’s a much easier field as a woman. I almost feel bad for the guys because I suck way more but I can go to nationals easier just by being a woman!

I’ve only been ninja practicing like two hours a week, which really is not enough time to be good at anything.  Rock climbing helps but the grip strength you need in ninja warrior is totally different than climbing.  Climbing I can use feet! Basically, I need to campus slopers to be good at ninja warrior! Oh, and do more dynos.  ALL MY WEAKNESSES.  Too bad there’s no crimping obstacle.  Haha!

But what was cool was that at practice I finally got the 1 foot salmon ladder and also a lachey into the cliffhanger (with feet on the wall) – so I am improving!

See my video below!



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