Christmas Week Workout highlights

This week leading up to Christmas has been very successful in terms of my workouts!

  1. My HITT workouts with Zuzu has plyometrics exercises so it’s really helping my fast-twitch muscles for dynos! I already see progress in my jumping in dynos.
  2. I did limit bouldering and 4x4s this week- it was killer for my forearms! Info about limit bouldering. Info about 4 x 4.   It was exhausting but after one session of limit bouldering, I could feel how different muscles are being worked in terms of power.  I am lacking for sure!
  3. I’ve been following a pull-up progression program to get to 30 pull ups (in a row).  The program is great because it has you doing a variety of sets of pull ups that switches up the reps and intensity.  Yesterday I did 100 pull ups in 27 minutes! That was a high for me since I’ve never done so many!!
  4. I tried a new obstacle at Ninja warrior gym called Wind Chimes and had a successful run! Video here in this post.
  5. I tried TRX suspension cables and the ab workout is pretty tough, which is exactly what I want!
  6. I’ve been leading my 6 minute abs workout at Rock Spot on Mondays/Wednesdays nights and it’s growing! I had this lovely new gal join on Wednesday and this other guy asked me about training in general today. COOOL!
  7. I got this black dyno! Took me like 20 tries but I did it! Got it on Christmas Eve!

Needless to say, my fingers are DEAD right now.  The skin and fingers just want to be in a hot massage bath or something.

Okay, I’m sore just typing this.  BUT GREAT week!



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