Zuzka Light

I have found the light…ZUZKA LIGHT!

I came across her originally on Instagram and thought she has my ideal body.   But I was mostly interested in what she ATE, since we all know abs are made in the kitchen.  But you had to pay to find our her food journal.  Originally I thought no, but then she had a Cyber Monday deal for 50% off so it was only $5.  I thought it was well worth $5 to find out what her daily meals are like.

It was great reading her food log but I am now HOOKED on her 15 minute workouts.  I knew she did them like every other fitness model, but I wasn’t expecting anything unique from it.  I guess I was doing all these free youtube HITT workouts and thought, these are kinda boring but they are probably all the same.  BOY WAS I WRONG!

Zuzka’s workouts are SUPER interesting, unique and challenging! I actually can’t wait to wake up each morning to do them.  That sounds silly but that’s how good the workouts are.

So now I am definitely staying on and subscribing the $10 a month for her daily workouts!



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