Dark Horse Climbing Comp

I had an excellent time last night at the Dark Horse Climbing comp! This one was at MetroRock at Newburyport.  I really enjoyed the setting and the variety of problems.  There was one green one that I tried so many times and failed but finally got it in the last 15 minutes! It’s so like me to get it on the last hour.

I find climbing comps relatively stressful in the beginning and I do get frustrated at certain points because I am on a limited time constraint.  But I try to take a deep breath and remind myself it’s just a climbing comp and I am there for fun! I have to tell myself I am improving though, and improving quickly, so I need to stop the internal voices in my head that feels bad if I am not flashing everything.

What I really enjoyed was watching the FINALS round! The climbers were so badass. It would be great to be like them someday, but I am an old woman of 32! Although one guy was clearly my age or even older, so that gives me hope! But he probably has been climbing for years…oh well.  This climbing hobby is a journey to fitness for me and really becoming a brand new lifestyle to a point that maybe I will help others get fit and strong!

FEMALE INTERMEDIATE      9 Libby Schundler 2350    27 Falls
FEMALE INTERMEDIATE       10 Emily Mischler 2340    6 Falls
FEMALE INTERMEDIATE       11 Helen Lin            2270    19 Falls

I got 3rd in intermediate so I can’t complain.

I like practicing climbing on a set time because it forces me to work harder and see if I am improving.  If I can see that I am sending harder grades on a shorter time frame, I know I’m moving in the right direction.  I remember when I projected a 5 for 12 HOURS.  But I SENT IT and that’s all that matters.

Picture of my Rock Spot climbing friends at Dark Horse!



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