What happens when you have sugar again

I told myself if I go on vacation, I won’t restrict my diet.  Mostly because when I travel, part of the fun is trying food of that area or just enjoying myself by eating whatever I want.

I was at a wedding in Detroit this past weekend, which was a blast.  My friends Molly and Steve had their wedding at the Fort Piquette Plant, and they walked down the aisle with a bunch of Model T cars next to them! So cool.  It was such a unique space. And they had docents that gave you a tour!

But anyways…food wise, it was spectacular.  But my body COULD NOT HANDLE IT.  AT ALL.  I pretty much felt sick all weekend but kinda didn’t care because it was so tasty. Haha.  This is probably not the best strategy but I let myself eat whatever for 24 hours.

I had two cookies and a twizzler and felt immediately sick.  Basically any processed sugar, my body did not like it.  Bread was okay but desserts was a bust.  I had some anyways.

Moral of the story is…your body adapts to not having processed sugar to a point when you do have some, it doesn’t like it!


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