Parkour Women’s Workshop

Parkour Generations Boston held their first women’s workshop on Saturday.  I’ve been to their classes before, but mostly go to their outdoor clinics and monthly jams since we get to be outside and have more time than the class.  Also, I’ve gotten private classes with Natalia (the female parkour instructor there) before and I LOVE HER.  I want to be her! She’s also a rock climber.  She’s got a great body!!

It was a lot of fun.  We did a warm up and then split up into groups and our group first worked on conquering fears and doing jumps.  I really enjoyed working on the jumping portion since that’s really the reason I go to parkour.  I am AWFUL at jumping, and I realized it’s not because I’m not physically capable, but because mentally I have a block with jumping.   Same with dynos in climbing- you leap and you feel out of control because I don’t know if I am going to land properly.  I feel like I have no idea what I am doing or going.

But I was able to land a jump that started from a balance beam, which was slightly terrifying.  But I did it!

We also went up high and I was SHOCKED that I was scared to walk across a VERY THICK BEAM that wasn’t even a balance (I mean seriously, it was like 2 feet wide) but mentally just challenging your brain to be up high and not freak out.  My legs just started shaking and I was actually slightly terrified! It is so funny because if it was on the ground we would have zero problem.  MENTAL CHALLENGE.

We did some flow, add-on games, and muscle conditioning after.  My core was actually sore the next day from whatever we were doing which was awesome!

I really enjoy parkour because it’s just like ninja warrior training and rock climbing: climbing, jumping and lots of fun! Being a kid again.

Also, the instructors at Parkour Generations are AMAZING.  I have found that they really know how to explain every little movement, why we’re doing it, or just helping you to make whatever you are working on better.  They really are good at instructing, which I was really impressed by.

I would get private instruction from Natalia again, but just need to find time and money.


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