The best bowl of pasta

I don’t know if any of you had ever done “Dining In the Dark” which is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s like a special event where you get blind folded and they serve you a 4 course delicious meal.  You can’t see a thing so you rely on your taste buds to figure out what the food is.  Which sounds obvious but the experience made me realize we eat with our eyes more than our mouths.  Before I put food in my mouth, I already know what it tastes like and my brain already processed it in some way of the experience.

This didn’t happen tonight.  This happened like two years ago, but I remember that night was the best food I had ever tasted.   And it’s funny because it was just normal food, honestly.  I think we were served beef and soup and pretty basic foods but because I was blindfolded and didn’t know what it was while eating it, I had to use ALL MY SENSES.  And it was delightful!!!

This now relates to two things on my keto diet.

  • I eat with my eyes and since I don’t want to eat everything I see – I actually sometimes COVER food that I don’t want to be tempted to eat- like at work, we had an outside caterer bring in PLATTERS of bread, scones and muffins and placed it RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD.  I put a plastic bag over it so I can’t visually see it even though it’s two inches from me. BUT IT HELPED my craving for it.  Crazy.
  • I was at a friend’s bachelorette party today and we went to an Italian place. I ordered shrimp and scallops over fettuccine pasta with full intention of eating just the protein.  I wasn’t even hungry because it was 5pm.  But after a bite or two of the fettuccine, my taste buds were alive and just could not stop.  It was the MOST DELICIOUS BOWL OF PASTA I HAD EATEN IN SO LONG.  Or POSSIBLY EVER.   I don’t remember pasta ever being that good.  I really think the last time I ate a bowl of pasta was two months ago.  Before keto, I didn’t even really eat pasta much! Ha.   But the taste was AMAZING because I had not been eating tastefully in so long that it as just so great to taste flavor again- like that night at Dining in the Dark.

This leads to … CHEAT DAY.  Aka, Sanity Day.  Aka HAPPY day.  Aka Guilt Free day?

I need to go back on a HAPPY meal day once a week to keep sane.  I was trying to see how long I can wait to go for my first one, and also just letting my body adapt.  So I think today was it! WORTH IT.

I never let myself restrict what I eat when I am on vacation or celebrating special occasions or places where I get to try new things that is not normally available to me.  I wanna look like Jessie Graff but I still wanna live life and taste all foods.

I am also not planning to do keto forever.  I want to get to a body fat level I am happy with, and then see what it takes to maintain it.   But the hardest part of keto diet is really the VARIETY of foods, I think.  Or maybe I am just not being creative enough yet.

I started to look up recipes for other beef recipes so I can have more flavor in my life.  So tired of boring chicken.

If you have a good low carb recipe for main meals to share, let me know.



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