8 pull ups!

This was my facebook post on December 31, 2012:


I was so proud of myself: 1 pull up!!! I spent my life trying to a single one.

I never did make my 2013 resolution of two pulls up.


Rock climbing changed my life.

This is the most pull ups I’ve done in the best form.  I’ve done 9 once but I think it was kinda sloppy at the end.   I just bought a resistance band and now working on 1 arm pull ups!!

If you want to do more pull ups (or even just one), I’d recommend the following different options:

  1. Get a pull up bar.  Hang in your doorway.  Get a resistance band.  Do assisted pull ups with a resistance band.
  2. If you don’t have a band, use a chair and do assisted pull ups with a chair.
  3. Do NEGATIVE PULL-UPS: Jump up to the pull up position, then lower down slowly.  Works the same back muscles.
  4. You can do this at the gym with the pull-up bars there.  Or at your gym they will usually have a pull up machine with weights you can adjust to counter your own weight to make it easier or harder.

The main thing is DO IT CONSISTENTLY.  If you only do this once in a while, even once a week, you won’t see results.   Aim for 3 times a week when you are doing your other strength training.

I am using the same tactic for my one-arm pull up training.  I am using a resistance band to assist in one arm.  But also I can do regular pull ups with weights to make it harder to later I can do more reps without weights.

I found this image of the muscles worked in pull ups, which are different than chin ups.  Chin ups uses more bicep muscles.

It is not surprise that my back has developed stronger than other muscles for me in rock climbing.  I use my lats to climb and that’s the same muscles use for pull ups.  It’s interesting because a lot of other people use more arms, legs, etc, but mine is clearly all in the back.  Probably because of swimming! pullupanatomy



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