Workouts & Nutrition


My workouts are some variation of the activities below, depending on what my goals are for different periods of the year:

  • Weight lifting 4 days a week at the gym – 45 minute sessions
  • Rock climbing 4 times a week
  • Once or twice a week ninja warrior obstacle course (2 hours each session)
  • Pull up training 2-3 times a week (sets of 50-100)
  • Bodyweight exercises of various sorts
  • Swimming once a week (this was my first love but due to lack of time and doing the other sports above, this is the last priority and more fun now)
  • HITT once a week


My journey to abs and fitness has been one of evolving nutrition.  In the last year, I’ve tried a variety of lifestyle changes in food to see what works for my body.  The hardest part is that you just have try and see and everyone responds to certain foods differently.   There’s been a lot of ups and downs with figuring it all out.  Low carb, high fat, keto, paleo, whatever you choose to do…ultimately I think a healthy balance of  veggie and protein, only a little fruit, and moderate healthy carbs is what everyone should do.

Below is my nutrition that I try to follow about 95% of the time (5% meaning special occasions and vacations):

  • LOTS OF PROTEIN! At least 1-1.5g per pound of bodyweight a day
  • Veggies with each meal (main carbs)
  • The starchy carbs I eat are sweet potatoes and brown rice
  • Try not to eat processed foods
  • Eat less than 40g of sugar a day (including any fruits)

The great thing is the less crap you eat, the less your body craves the crap! So it’s not like I feel like “I’m giving up” anything.  And of course, will I have a piece (or 3) of cake for special occasions? You bet! But a lot of things I use to eat as part of my daily food intake it’s now no longer part of my daily nutrition.  I tell myself this is a lifestyle choice and quite frankly, I want to live until 150 so I gotta eat better!





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