Road to Fitness

When I started this journey in July 2016, it started as a journey solely to get abs.

Since I was 12 and saw Britney Spears do “I’m a slave for you” on MTV movie awards, I wanted her abs.  I thought she had the best abs I had ever seen.  It had been a life long dream to achieve this:


Surprisingly, within a few months, not only was I able to achieve these abs, I started to look even leaner than Britney.  Not just her abs, but a leaner, more muscular body than what I thought, at the time, was the best body/abs I had ever seen.

So my goals evolved.  It became less about looks but more about being fit.  Being strong. Being powerful.  Being an athlete!

Don’t get me wrong, a ripped 6 pack is still what I want but it was less about how I looked and more about how strong I could be and the proper nutrition that would help it along.

I use to eat so much sugar a day; I know it was an addiction.  Junk foods was the name of the game for me.  I hated that everyone who knew me said, “Wow, you must be so healthy because you swam 3 hours a day,” but I knew I wasn’t because of the foods I ate.  I got away with not being fat since I worked out so much, but I still knew I wasn’t giving my body the proper nutrition it should be for an athlete.

Because I had such great success, I wanted to let others know how awesome this has been and inspire others to achieve their fitness goals.  It’s been a great journey but totally been worth it!


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