Effects of Keto

I started to go uimg_4312nder 50g of carbs last week.

I bought Keto test strips and measured last night. It read I have “small” traces of ketones being produced so hooray! It’s working! FAT BURNING MODE!

As if learning this somehow affected my body, today I woke up and had ZERO hunger cravings.  I didn’t feel them all day, which was so strange.  I still ate my foods that I packed but I never felt the hunger feelings at all.  Which I know is what happens when you go keto-adapt, your body starts using fat and you feel less hungry.

I am more nervous about losing muscle mass with keto, and I am still learning more about it.  I hope by keeping my protein intake the same (minimum 100g a day), keep up the weight lifting and rock climbing, I should have my muscles! I read that you shouldn’t have protein too high because it will kick you out of ketosis but I have no idea what “high” is for my body yet. Still learning. But if the test strips says I am producing ketones then I think keeping my protein around 100g is okay.





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